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Wood for Sale

Logs, Firewood and Slab Wood for Sale

Bentley Tree Care has logs and wood available for any project you may have in mind. We aggregate logs from our tree removal services and recycle the material for consumers and crafters in the area. We serve Erie, PA; Warren, PA; Fredonia, NY and beyond. The logs can be used for a variety of projects and heating needs, including:

  • Firewood: Need to heat your home? Bentley Tree Care sells firewood, recycled from our tree removal projects.; Order some fuel for your fires today! Bentley Tree Care is a HEAP provider for NY citizens. To read more about how we can help you heat your house, visit

  • Slab Wood: Our slab wood is made from locally felled trees and available for you to utilize in your next big project. We believe in recycling and reusing and we know you do too! Slab Wood is perfect for projects such as furniture, fences. Contact us today and ask about our selection and sizes of wood slabs available.

  • Wood for Artistry and Woodworking: Are you an artist or woodworker in the region looking for wood pieces or burls to use in your next project? Bentley Tree Care supports local artists and has many wood selections available for any special projects or artistry needs you may have. Contact us to schedule a time to walk through our wood lot and pick out what you need!

Other Services

Beyond our tree removal and tree trimming services, Bentley Tree care offers municipal tree recycling services, creates mulch, and sells firewood, slab wood, and logs. Read more about these services here: